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Human Simulation and Patient Safety

With the push of a button, the cardiopulmonary simulator "Harvey" can be a teenager getting a sports physical, a middle aged patient with chest pain, or an older adult with heart failure. The basic skills of the heart exam can now be taught more consistently; students will have the practice opportunities needed to master these skills. But Harvey is not just for beginning students. Harvey also simulates complex and uncommon cardiac conditions, such as congenital heart diseases, that allow more advanced students and practicing physicians to expand and fine tune their skills. ---Rita Willett, MD, Harvey instructor

Simulation is allowing medical students to master basic science concepts and simultaneously integrate that knowledge with clinical applicability. It allows students and residents to learn and test their clinical skills in an environment that is risk free to patients.  And it allows health care teams to train together to achieve maximum efficiency and safety.

The VCU School of Medicine is upgrading its instructional facilities with a new educational building scheduled for opening in 2012.  The facility will provide new technologies to support learner centered education, and will contain a state of the art simulation center. Please consider a contribution to support this important educational initiative. 

To make a donation to the VCU Center for Human Simulation and Patient Safety, please call Tom Holland, Associate Dean for Development, at 804-828-4800 or email him at If you would like for a simulation representative to contact you, please send your name and contact information to Brenda Seago at

Thank you for your consideration and support.